Micheal is a Director with O’Mahony Pike Architects. Michael has been project director on the design and delivery of many of OMP’s recent significant Dublin city centre, office and mixed use projects. Many of these have become landmarks in the urban setting including:

  • The Montevetro office tower: A 16 storey office building, approximately 15,000 m2, on an important waterfront site at Grand Canal Dock, completed in 2011
  • Hanover Quay Dock: A mixed development of 400 residential units, including neighbourhood, retail, community and office uses
  • Millennium Tower at Charlotte Quay: A mixed development including neighbourhood services, retail, community services and 300 residential units, including one of the first landmark residential buildings within dublin docklands

Other relevant projects which demontrate his innovation in construction systems and off-site prefabriaction include:

  • Mount St Annes, Milltown: A mixed development of 650 residential units, neighbourhood, retail, community and office uses.
  • Cherry Orchard: A mixed development of 375 residential units, including neighbourhood and community services.
  • Thornwood and Booterstown Hall: A scheme of 200 residential units, designed with developers and the Local Authority as gateway buildings onto the n11, including neighbourhood services, retail and commercial.
  • Clay Farm: mixed development set out in a series of integrated neighbourhoods mixed development including neighbourhood services, retail, community services and c. 750 residential units, which form the remaining parts of the Stepaside LAP.

All projects have an underlying sustainability ethos. in Greystones Marina for example a complete Sustainability Audit has been prepared to direct design decisions.With an emphasis on best practice technologies and passive systems both capital and future running costs are minimised.