Adamstown is an evolving, sustainable, twenty first century new town at the western edge of Dublin city. OMP were the Urban Design Masterplanning  consultants to South Dublin County Council in the preparation of the Adamstown Special Development Zone Masterplan which sets down statutory planning and design guidance for the delivery of a new community of 25,000 residents.  Adamstown Castle is one of eleven new neighbourhoods and is the first phase of housing to be completed. Being a gateway to Adamstown, quality and innovative design was seen as essential in setting the standard for future phases and defining a benchmark against which subsequent development could be judged. The planning of the neighbourhood is distinctly different from adjacent low density housing estates, with a recognisable  hierarchy of main streets, side streets and  courtyards, with landscaped pocket parks and children’s play areas and with quality landmark buildings and distinctive terraces offering a wide and diverse range of dwelling  design, type, size and layout.

This first phase of development in Adamstown includes 650 units and constitutes one of the principle gateways to Adamstown from the east. Curvilinear three story terraces and two sentinel four storey landmark apartment buildings announce the entrance to the new town. The principle tree lined entrance avenue, Castlegate Way, is flanked by three and four storey terraces of duplex family dwellings with signature walk-up apartments on prominent corners. Stepping back from the main streets are two storey courtyards and side streets of family housing and three storey perimeter buildings overlooking the many green-spaces. In this first phase, green-space is composed of three  passive ‘pocket parks’ and two smaller local ‘ Greens’.

Although very limited in number, all the best existing trees on the site have been retained and incorporated into the parks and greens thus instilling a sense of maturity and identity to these essential amenity areas. A large children’s play area is also located in one of the pocket parks.

Adamstown is intended as a cradle to grave community. To reinforce that aspiration there are a wide variety of dwelling types in Adamstown Castle ranging from large 4 bed family houses to 1 bed single person apartments. All street level units are own-door family type designs with traditional private rear gardens. All upper level duplex and apartment unit are provided with generous terraces and / or balconies. Car parking is provided ‘on street’, on curtilage or in parking courts behind the principle access thoroughfares.

The architectural style is contemporary throughout. Buff brick and pigmented plaster predominate on the 4 storey terraces on the principle street frontages. Brown brick distinguishes the family housing on the side streets. Sustainability is at the heart of this project and before design work commenced, 56 differing green technologies were researched to ensure the most appropriate and the most efficient solutions were applied in Adamstown.   All house types are designed to achieve a B1 / Code 4 energy rating and are designed for maximum layout flexibility. 20 exemplar houses have been built which achieve A3 / Code 5 standards. Affordable housing is pepper potted throughout the scheme and the first social housing cluster is incorporated in this phase of development. 

Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony


Adamstown is a sustainable new community on the western edge of Dublin City, designed to accommodate 10,000 residents in 11 neighbourhoods and 4 amenity areas. OMP led the design team and advised the developers and the Local Authority in the preparation, over a number of years, of an Area Action Plan , a Local Area Plan and finally a Special Development Zone (SDZ) Masterplan , the first to be approved in Ireland.

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Masterplan for sustainable new community of 25000 people on 214 hectare greenfield site.


First phase sustainable housing in new masterplanned community


Third phase sustainable housing in new masterplanned community

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  • Address West Dublin
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  • Area36,000 m ²
  • Size650
  • Status Completed