OMP were appointed as executive architects to coordinate the various design practices and to design and deliver the District Centre Podium Car Park that links to the two principle retail anchors and the main shopping streets, to the railway station concourse and to the residential apartment blocks at the upper levels. The podium accommodates 2400 cars in 3 levels with a large single deck of spaces sitting below the public areas and 2 further smaller residential parking levels arranged along the southern edge adjacent to Station road. The principle access points to the car park are located off The Station Road to the south which serves the Adamstown rail station. The design conforms to a multifunctional parking strategy that satisfies peak time retail demand as well as evening use for leisure and residential parking.

A vertical separation of parking activity creates a pleasant public domain of streets and squares designed for the specific use of pedestrians, buses and taxis during the day and opened in the evenings for occasional use by residents. Special attention was paid to adopting intuitive way-finding solutions in the design of the multi storey car park and to creating a welcoming experience and a safe environment. Natural day lighting to low level landscaped courtyards within the car park helps to orientate the user and special lighting strategies and coordination of colour add interest to an often neglected and generally poorly designed component of everyday urban living.

Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony


Adamstown is a sustainable new community on the western edge of Dublin City, designed to accommodate 10,000 residents in 11 neighbourhoods and 4 amenity areas. OMP led the design team and advised the developers and the Local Authority in the preparation, over a number of years, of an Area Action Plan , a Local Area Plan and finally a Special Development Zone (SDZ) Masterplan , the first to be approved in Ireland.

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Masterplan for sustainable new community of 25000 people on 214 hectare greenfield site.


First phase sustainable housing in new masterplanned community


Third phase sustainable housing in new masterplanned community

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  • Address West Dublin
  • Area40,000 m ²
  • Status Planning Consent Granted