Adamstown is an evolving, sustainable, twenty first century new town at the western edge of Dublin city. OMP were the co-authors of the Adamstown Special Development Zone Masterplan, which sets down statutory planning and design guidance for the delivery of a new community of 25,000 residents, and were appointed to design and deliver 177 dwellings in the third phase of Adamstown Square.

Adamstown Square Phase 3 is one of eleven new neighbourhoods identified in the Adamstown Special Development Zone Masterplan. The scheme comprises 177 units, with a series of courtyards arranged along the eastern edge, and laneways in the central part of the site. Of the 177 units, 85% are houses, and 15% are apartments, yielding a net density of 44 dwellings per hectare/ 17.8 dwellings per acre.

1.5 car parking spaces per unit are provided, mostly at surface, with some garage units as well. 65% of units have access to their rear gardens from the street. Active frontage is provided on each side of each housing block, and 2 small pocket parks are provided within the scheme

The project is based on the repetition of two unit types – a narrow plot house and a wide plot house, both of which are 2 storey, and measure approximately 6m x 10m in plan. Both units are 3 bedroom houses, based on Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government standards, and constructed using conventional economical construction methods.

The overall planning permission for the site allows for the homeowner to carry out the various extensions without acquiring subsequent individual permissions. This creates significant flexibility within the scheme to vary the mix, allowing families to grow and evolve in the same house, and also increases the potential population density of the scheme over time.

Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony


Adamstown is a sustainable new community on the western edge of Dublin City, designed to accommodate 10,000 residents in 11 neighbourhoods and 4 amenity areas. OMP led the design team and advised the developers and the Local Authority in the preparation, over a number of years, of an Area Action Plan , a Local Area Plan and finally a Special Development Zone (SDZ) Masterplan , the first to be approved in Ireland.

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Masterplan for sustainable new community of 25000 people on 214 hectare greenfield site.


First phase sustainable housing in new masterplanned community


Third phase sustainable housing in new masterplanned community

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  • Address West Dublin
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  • Year2014
  • Area40,000 m ²
  • Size177 Units