Bloomfield Park is a residential scheme of 186 units con­sisting of apartment and townhouse dwellings. The project is located on a former part of secluded institutional grounds of the Carmelite Order in inner suburban Dublin. The 1.4 hectare / 3.5 acre site is characterised by large mature trees, old limestone boundary walls and the original red brick convent building itself. The density of the new development is 127 units per hectare (52 units per acre).


The four apartment blocks are five and six storeys in height with the upper level penthouses set back. These blocks are arranged around a central courtyard on three sides, maximising the living room aspects to a green landscaped garden below. This inner face of the scheme is primarily a series of horizontal glass bands, a glass skin made up of glazed screens and balcony balustrades, reflecting the existing trees. The outer face, in contrast, consists of more solid brick and stone clad volumes punctured by vertical window opes, lending more privacy to the scheme and to the surrounding neighbours.

Each apartment block is made up of banks of three or four units organised around a central stair and lift / service core. This allows for two to three dual aspect apartments per core; naturally lit stair and lobby spaces with minimal corridor lengths; and generous balcony spaces. 

Typically the living spaces face out onto the central open space with bedrooms to the rear and service areas of kitchen, bathrooms and store rooms in between and linked to eas­ily accessed central service ducts.

Floor to ceiling glazed screens, along with glazed balcony balustrades, maximise natural daylight levels to the interiors.


The two storey townhouses at the south east end of the site provide an ideal relationship with the houses on neigh­bouring Victorian terraces, ensuring back to back private gardens and a break in scale between the adjoin­ing properties and the apartment blocks. The townhouse units make up a mix of 3 and 4 bed roomed terraced houses. At the north east corner of the site one of the townhouses incorporates an existing stone and brick outhouse structure in an effort to retain and reuse existing structures belonging to the convent grounds. A gate lodge marks the new vehicular entrance to the site and provides a transition in scale between the adjoining apartments on Bloomfield Avenue and the development.

A crèche of 206m² is located at ground level of Block B. The proximity to the site entrance, the availability of surface parking and the allocation of a dedicated south facing external play area made this the most suitable location. 

Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony

  • Address South Dublin
    see map
  • Area140,000 m ²
  • Size125 Units
  • Status Completed