This residential development is located on lands in south Dublin which were formerly part of a secondary school campus. The 3 hectare/ 7.7 acre site is situated in a sylvan setting overlooking a mature public park , Bushy Park, and a local river valley. The scheme design for 275 Apartments and houses is planned around a protected Country House which is part converted to commercial uses. 

The site is open in character with large detached family houses located close to the local access road and adjoining low rise suburban housing. Further into the site where it bounds the district park, the density and heights of development increase with 4,5 and 6 storey apartment buildings located strategically around the retained Bushy Park House to frame views out of the site to the mountains to the west and to the city to the east.   



Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony

  • Address South Dublin
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  • Area31,160 m ²
  • Size274 Units