The project comprises a higher density development of apartments, duplex units and terrace housing varying in size from 1 bed to 4 bed dwellings. The land for this first phase proposal total 17.8 hectare (44 acres) and incorporates 639 units/ with density of 16 units per acre.

The site lies on a north-facing slope at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains with gradients in excess of 1 in 10 at the southern end. The proposal divides the site into three separate areas of approx. 215 units each. The layouts in each case are looped with measures to prevent rat running. The layout is designed with the principles of the Surrey design guides in mind and incorporates traffic calming measures throughout.  Sixteen different dwelling types are employed throughout the development and where possible units are specific to their orientation allowing for passive solar gain to living spaces. 




Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony

  • Address South Dublin
    see map
  • Area178,000 m ²
  • Size639 Units
  • Status Completed