OMP were engaged by developer Thronse Group for the Post Stage D delivery of 31 apartments on Lough Road, North London overlooking the open space of Victoria Park. A key criteria under the granting of the planning consent was the overall height of the buildings and its horizontal relationship to the historic Victorian school building that occupied the site to the eastern boundary. Both issues during the detailed design development of the project became crucially challenging as the construction practicalities were applied to the consented scheme.

OMP worked closely with the Structural and the M+E designers to seek to reduce their design criteria and tolerances in order to engineer the project in to its consented envelope. This resulted in tight floor to floor dimensions being adopted with flat slab solutions to achieve structural efficiency and a scheme with no down stand structure.

In addition, the building occupied 100% of the developable area and the imposition on of planning conditions that were not fully resolved at the time of initial design, and the requirements of the Family Mosaic RP standards placed pressures on the design and layouts such that numbers of the units required replanning and laying out to achieve full compliance - all whilst the building process was advancing.

The project was completed in 2012 and is now fully occupied by private ownersand Familay Mozaic tenants.


Portrait of author Declan Farrell


  • Address Islington. Central London
    see map
  • Year2012
  • Size31 Apartments