The practice has been involved in extensive masterplanning work in the medieval city of Kilkenny. A major project was the preparation of a Local Area Plan for an urban extension in the Western Environs area on 114 Hectares / 285 acres of agricultural land located within walking distance of the city centre. The Masterplan sets new standards for planned, sustainable development promoting the early provision of infrastructure. 


The phased delivery of 1250 homes and the creation of a new street based Village centre with a local park, a school’s campus and local sports facilities. The emphasis is on Community development with easy accessibility throughout the Village and with a strong sense of place through the creation of a Main street and a hierarchy of side streets, a Town Square and a civic park at the top of the Main street. 

Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony

  • Address Co Kilkenny
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  • Status Adopted