OMP were invited by Argent, the development company tasked with the regeneration of the Kings Cross station lands in central London, to engage in a day long design charrette at The Gymnasium. The practice was subsequently selected to participate in a limited competition to design the first residential phase of redevelopment on the site, blocks R4 and R5. Our concept was the rediscovery of garden spaces within the city block with reference to the historical makeup  of the site in the mid-19th century. Within the block, the garden is developed to include its different forms; the semi-public courtyard garden, the winter-gardens and balconies as vertical garden, private patios as intimate personal spaces and roof terraces as raised gardens in the air.


11 residential blocks of varying heights are connected at ground level with a permeable hierarchy of main roads, side streets and laneways. Taller 12 to 14 storey buildings supervise the public parkland to the north and the principle street edges to the east and south with lower blocks overlooking the central courtyards to the west. 441 apartments are proposed in a variety of sizes and tenures from single person studios to large 4 bed family units. The design is highly sustainable achieving a minimum of code 4 status.  



Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony

  • Size441 dwellings
  • Status Competition Entry