The convent building presented a particular problem as it consisted of a wide corridor providing access on one side only to a series of rooms along the South-East façade. There is a hallway and stairs giving access to the upper floors, and a further access hall between the convent and Milltown House. The attic floor contained two large dormitories. The North-West frontage had connections at ground floor level from the hall and stairs to other buildings and a return of later construction at the South end.

It was decided to create an atrium between the convent building and a new six storey apartment building on the North-West side. The atrium presented the opportunity to use the corridor space to build bathrooms and kitchens for the proposed apartments, which had their main living and bedrooms along the South/East façade. The result creates 10 generous apartments of considerable character and variety within the existing convent building with the main rooms retained and the facades restored.

A new lift tower is located in the Atrium and this full height naturally lit space widens out to the south where a glazed façade between the existing and the new building sweeps off at an angle and provides spectacular views of the mountains from the galleries serving the new apartments. Existing doors and windows have been restored where possible and other features such skirting’s, floor tiling, cornices etc. contained and restored.

The Primary School

The former primary school on the Milltown Road frontage, when vacated by OMP, was converted into apartments. An extra penthouse floor was built over the older building with external walls being retained intact.

The Secondary School

The former secondary school building was converted into small apartments by building an extension to the rear with external balconies giving access to the apartments which were created within the existing classrooms. Social spaces and offices were created in part of the ground floor and ground floor extension. The existing curved façade onto Milltown Road was retained and refurbished and the side and rear elevations finished in a sympathetic manner.

The gate lodge was also retained and refurbished. Nearly all existing trees were retained and form an important element in the comprehensive landscaping.

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Author: John O'Mahony


Mount Saint Anne’s is one of the largest mixed use, up market, private redevelopment projects in inner suburban Dublin. The scheme is a development, in two phases, of 650 dwellings and 2,000 Sqm of non- residential uses including offices and shops, a medical clinic, a crèche, a gym, a Parish hall and some priest’s accommodation.

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High quality new suburban infill and convent redevelopment


High quality new suburban infill and convent redevelopment


High quality new suburban infill and convent redevelopment

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