Rathbourne Village is a mixed development of 1110 family houses, duplex units and apartments on a 10 hectare / 25 acre site to the west side of Dublin City. This completed phase of development comprises approximately half of the 22 hectares / 55 acres owned by Castlethorn Construction in a 43 hectare / 107 acre redevelopment zone at Pellettstown. The other half of the site is being developed and built out by Ballymore Homes. OMP were the original authors of the Masterplan which formed the basis of the Area Action Plan prepared by Dublin City Council for the Pellettstown Lands.

Rathbourne Village is located between the Tolka River Valley Linear Park to the north and Royal Canal and a main rail line to the south. The overall design of the development has been conceived as a sustainable village with character, offering a wide range of dwelling types to encourage diversity and with a recognisable sense of place. Of the 1110 dwellings completed to date, 259 are situated in the new higher density Village Square  beside Ashbourne rail station at the western edge of the site. The balance of of 851 dwellings are planned in a series of distinctive yet recognisable urban formats including linear Edge Buildings, Squares , Pavilions and Terraced Streets.

A four storey curved linear Edge Building defines the boundry of the site to the north and overlooks the Tolka Valley Park. Two storey own door, family, duplex units with entrances onto the back of the street animate and secure this 400 meter frontage. 

The upper levels of duplex units are served by naturally day lit streets in the air. There are three principle housing Squares immediately to the south of the Edge Building. and apartments have been completed by an RSL/ Housing Association.  

Three storey terraces form the enclosure to the Squares with 3 bed own door family dwellings at ground and first floor, all with generous rere patios, and 2 bed cross apartments at second floor. The corners of the Squares are ‘book ended ‘by small four storey apartment blocks which help to create identity and orientation across the site. A feature of the Squares is the large Landscaped Communal Garden at their heart which is accessible to all the residents.

A 2 storey local community building , The River Centre , designed by Douglas Wallace and Partners sits between the back of the Edge Building and the Housing Squares. It accommodates a gym, Community Rooms , a Creche and a local Convenience Shop. 

At the eastern edge of the site overlooking the Canal is a 2.4 hectare / 6 acre Crescent Park. The edge of the park is flanked by a series of six storey apartment Pavilions, each arranged to take advantage of the views over the park and to maximize the benefits of the southerly aspect.  Behind the Crescent Park is a courtyard enclosed by four and five storey apartment blocks and in the north western corner, 128 family houses.

Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony


Pelletstown House Lands lie in the western suburbs of Dublin city. The Masterplan proposes two local centres on the 43 hectares site which was once farming land. OMP was subsequently appointed by Castlethorn Construction to prepare detailed proposals for the 22 hectares/ 55acres in their ownership, which they named Rathbourne Village

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New Village Centre at Pellettstown urban extension.


New residential city district of 1000 homes


City extension masterplan and new community on 43 hectare site

  • Address West Dublin
    see map
  • Area220,000 m ²
  • Size1100 dwellings
  • Status Part Completed