Adamstown is a sustainable new community on the western edge of Dublin City (see the Google Map of Adamstown). In 1997, when OMP were appointed by developers Castlethorn Construction as Urban Design Masterplanning Consultants, Adamstown was a 214 hectare / 500 acre un-zoned greenfield site at the farthest edges of low density suburbia. Following an immensely successful collaboration between three development companies and the Local Authority, South Dublin County Council, the first principle phases of a new town are complete and a detailed statutory Masterplan is in place to guide the future development of Adamstown.

OMP led the design team and advised the developers and the Local Authority in the preparation, over a number of years, of an Area Action Plan, a Local Area Plan and finally a Special Development Zone (SDZ) Masterplan, the first to be approved in Ireland. Adamstown was conceived from the very beginning as a twenty first century sustainable community centred on a railway line which adjoined the southern boundry of the site. The masterplan objectives promote higher density residential living which in turn supports viable services and community facilities; facilitates a reliable and accessible public transport system; encourages walking and cycling and creates a cradle to grave environment that gives residents the options to live, work, be educated and play in an intimate and beautiful place.

Adamstown is designed to accommodate 10,000 residents. Special Development Zone planning legislation was devised by government as a mechanism to fast track residential delivery of such large communities but in a planned, integrated and sustainable manner and Adamstown was the first development to avail of the new process.

The Adamstown Planning Scheme is a one shot Masterplan and planning application which, following it’s adoption, precludes the public from appealing future planning consents. It must, therefore be inclusive, comprehensive, equitable, future proofed and very detailed.

The final Masterplan divides Adamstown into 11 neighbourhoods and 4 amenity areas. A minimum of 8250 dwellings to a maximum of 10150 dwellings are permitted in the planning scheme. A maximum of 125000sq ms of non-residential development is envisaged .The new town is composed of a hierarchy of district and local centres and a series of small local nodes. Streets and squares around the train station comprise the principal Town Centre at the southern boundary with two smaller Village Centres in the north east and north west of the site. Schools are located close to the Town and Village Centres which in turn are situated beside the three principle public parks in Adamstown. A detailed phasing of development is written into the Planning Scheme to ensure orderly and incremental roll out of social and community facilities in tandom with residential and commercial development.

The urban design team prepared detailed layouts for every development neighbourhood. People and not cars defines the nature of Adamstown. Access to public transport and social/community facilities are always just a 10 minute walk away. Distinctive Place making is at the heart of all design decisions creating neighbourhoods with character and identity. Traffic modelling was applied to all street plans to illiminate congestion, promote safe and permeable traffic flow, ensure safety for pedestrians and identify and preclude rat running routes. 



Masterplan for sustainable new community of 25000 people on 214 hectare greenfield site.


First phase sustainable housing in new masterplanned community


Third phase sustainable housing in new masterplanned community


First phase sustainable housing in new masterplanned community


Mixed development at Adamstown Railstation


A street based mixed use new town centre.


Rail station for Adamstown new town


New District Centre multi- level Car Park