Pelletstown House Lands lie in the western suburbs of Dublin city. This 43 hectares/107 acres of what was once farming land is situated between a linear public park and river to the north and a railway line and local canal to the south. Following the preparation of an Area Action Plan by Dublin City Council, the site was re-designated as a new city quarter with capacity for 4000 homes and ancillary facilities.

OMP were appointed by the two landowners, Castlethorn Construction and Ballymore Homes, to prepare a Masterplan for the whole of the lands that would meet with the approval of the local authority. The practice was subsequently appointed by Castlethorn Construction to prepare detailed proposals for the 22 hectares/ 55acres in their ownership, which they named Rathborne Village

The Masterplan proposes two local centres, one at either end of this linear site. The west end of the site, the Castlethorn lands, is the location of an existing railway station opposite which the new Village centre will be located. At the eastern end of the site in the Ballymore sector, it is proposed to locate a new railway station, a Village centre and a canal marina. 

Other elements of the Masterplan include a semi- circular Crescent park at the centre of the site, a hierarchy of interconnected streets and boulevards and locations identified for schools, creches and local facilities.

This part of the city with it’s local advantages and amenities and it’s first class transport links has facilitated the development of a relatively high-density community, while retaining a balanced housing mix. Average densities of approximately 100 units per hectare / 40 units per acre are proposed across the site with more intense  development around the Village Centres and rail stations at the perimeter and lower densities toward the centre of the lands.  




New Village Centre at Pellettstown urban extension.


New residential city district of 1000 homes


City extension masterplan and new community on 43 hectare site