D4 is a new mixed use quarter in an elegant Victorian suburb of Dublin. The 3 hectare/ 7 acre is situated on Lansdowne Road close to the Aviva national football stadium. There are 563 spacious luxury apartments in the development, each with an average floor area of 131 Sqm. 90% of the units are dual aspect with generous terraces and winter-gardens. Supporting uses include a medical clinic, a creche, a 135 bedroom hotel with a leisure centre, and a local shopping centre that includes 6000 Sqm of retail space with several bars and restaurants and retail services. Other adjacent developments will provide extensive office space through an extended network of connected pedestrian streets. 20% of the site is public open space, and the residents enjoy extensive private shared amenity space.

Lansdowne Road will again become an important civic, even processional route to the new Aviva Stadium, a route which will be further enhanced with linkages to a new pedestrian precinct along the western and southern edges of theD4 development site. This route will be defined by 5 pavilion buildings arranged as a series of sentinels along the way. These well-spaced pavilion buildings are enhanced by the mature stands of trees and railings along Lansdowne Road and create a modulated edge treatment in response to the handsome existing Victorian villas on the opposite side of the road. A series of more intimate private gardens define the private residential realm and a necklace of public squares create a distinctive sense of place in this new  neighbourhood. 

The existing trees, a remnant from the Trinity Botanic gardens, are integrated into the overall landscape and create a link with the central private realm feature, a raised Courtyard Garden at the heart of the apartment buildings. The trees will form both a screen and a setting defining the new ‘way’ to the stadium while also creating a setting for the apartment buildings and their private gardens.

The placing of pavilion buildings continues about the site edges to the south culminating in a dynamic hotel building. This strategy creates a softer and permeable edge treatment or buffer to the existing context, behind which are set the larger apartment buildings. The scale of the pavilion buildings is also controlled to create a shoulder at 7 storeys, with the upper floors further set back. A pair of focal landmark buildings of up to15 stores are proposed at corners of the central Courtyard Garden.

The development proposal has been designed to achieve the highest sustainability credentials. It will achieve a BER rating of ‘A’ and a BREAM standard of ‘Excellent’. The layout and massing has been tested for daylight levels, shadow analysis & effect, and wind & environmental conditions within the public realm about buildings.

Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony

  • Address South Dublin
    see map
  • Area30,000 m ²
  • Size563 Unit, Hotel and Shopping Centre
  • Status Planning consent granted