OMP were invited by developers Chartered Land Ltd to collaborate with lead consultants Newenham Mulligan and Associates in the preparation of a Masterplan and detailed design for the development of a major new town centre at Swords, the county town of Fingall in North Dublin. Swords has an appealing village type atmosphere but is not a strong retail destination. The existing Pavillions Shopping centre, which is owned by Chartered Land, is the principal retail location in the area but is disconnected from the Town Centre and lacks the quantum and variety of shopping, the diversity of uses and lacks the urban character to be a meaningful destination. The purpose of the masterplan is to create a new Urban Quarter around the existing Pavillions development; a new town centre which is based on a series of places and spaces; on streets, squares and laneways which connect back to the existing town centre and which lead directly to a proposed metro stop and link with further development lands to the east.

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To ensure long term sustainability and to attract a permanent population  the new quarter includes animated and accessible shopping streets, Commercial office space, a hotel, a theatre, community and leisure facilities and residential units above the streets and squares.

Portrait of author John O'Mahony


Author: John O'Mahony

  • Address County Fingal
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  • Status On Hold